Lego dream house competition with Ocean Finance

Lego dream house competition with Ocean Finance

We were recently asked if we’d like to take part in the Ocean Finance Lego dream homes competition. Each blogger was sent a Lego starter kit and asked that their child create their dream home from it.

The little man and his Daddy have been very busy this week. The little man needed some help from Daddy to get started but thoroughly enjoyed his little challenge once he’d work out how to stack the bricks. After taking some inspiration from his Daddy’s handiwork, the little man helped create his own Lego home.

It was great seeing and playing with Lego again.It brought back lots of memories of my own childhood and hours and hours spent creating extravagant houses, elaborate vehicles and odd looking animals. I loved the stuff. It inspired me to get up into my Mams loft and find my stash of Lego from the 80’s!

The little man didn’t seem to go for any specific colour. After pouring bricks all over the garden he simply plonked bricks here, there and everywhere.

Our house building took three days, perfect takes a long time you know!

After careful brick positioning and decision making the little mans Lego house was complete and currently takes pride of place next to the TV.

The little mans Lego house
Daddy’s Lego house

Each blogger entering the competition is in with a chance of winning a £150 Toys R Us voucher. I love his little house, its unique, has kept him entertained for days and has allowed Daddy and I to watch him learn more about creative play.

The little man would love to win with his creation to stock up on Lego and put it towards a John Deere ride on tractor and truck. 

You can check out Ocean Finance’s Lego Dream House Competition page. 

We were provided with a Lego set to take part in the competition.


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