LOVEThESIGN stocking fillers for kids

LOVEThESIGN stocking fillers for kids

Christmas is getting closer and there are so many great gifts out there for children. I’ve put together some from from LOVEThESIGN that would fit perfectly at the end of the bed on Christmas morning.

1) Tattoo Monster Hands by London company NPW (£10), these are a great way to get children to use their imaginations.

2) Midi Rabbit doll by Anne-Claire Petit (£29) beautifully crocheted by hand using organic cotton.

3) Plane, boat and car baby spoon by Donkey (£13.29), for children 3 years and over – a fun way to encourage children to eat.

4) Tree, Aero, Dog and Cat Totem by Studio Roof (£16 – £26), a creative and 3D model/puzzle, made from colourful recycled cardboard.

5) Noughts & crosses Tik atak by Les Jouets libres (£15) is another great eco – friendly Christmas stocking gift. The stickers are printed on eco friendly materials, and can be stored in an organic cotton pouch.

6) I-Wood iphone by Donkey (£14). Is a life size smartphone for children that they can also write and draw on.

7) People of the World torum by Studio Roof (£17), includes 12 figures that beautifully embraces a multicultural world. 

8) Finger puppets by Londji (£15), role playing for children are great ways for them to learn communication skills.

9) Around My Planet puzzle by Londji (£23). Puzzles are also very beneficial for a child development, there is a good article if you would like to read further here.

10) La Romantica wooden car by TobeUs (£35). Wood instead of plastic is always a great option, especially as this toy car can be painted over and over again.

11) Box Family by Londji (£21). Made of recycled cardboard, the Box Family fit into one another perfectly just like Russian dolls. Don’t forget to check out the LOVEThESIGN LovePromo section here.


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  1. 18th November 2015 / 10:15 pm

    I don't think you can beat traditional toys like these. I love the finger puppets!

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