How to make Christmas Dinner – the easy way

How to make Christmas Dinner – the easy way

If I’m 100% honest, cooking Christmas dinner terrifies me. I’m not quite Delia Smith at the best of times, but being under pressure to make something edible/tasty is so stressful.

Last year I cooked for hubby and the little man (who was only 10 months old and only ate a tiny amount), this year however, we have guests! I need to make sure everyone is fed, happy and alive to tell the tale the next day. I’m worried already.

If you’re a little like me, and need some assistance in the kitchen over the festive period, take a look at this helpful, pain free cooking guide from Mayfair Granite. It’s full of helpful. time saving tips to reduce your stress levels and make your Christmas lunch a success!

These helpful preparation tips for Christmas dinner can be found on The Better Baking Bible website.


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