Now you are two

I cannot believe my little monster is 2 years old. 2 candleWhere have the last two years gone?

You spent your actual second birthday on a cruise in the Mediterranean but opened most of your presents when you got home. You got lots of new diggers, Lego and a teepee to play in. Birthday 1You’re the best thing I’ve ever done and make me proud every day. You’re a little bugger but you’re funny and very clever.

You have independent and are becoming a proper little in a boxYou’re funny and love to be the centre of attention.

You happily sleep through in your big boy ‘Digger’ bed on a night but still like a bottle of milk (Niner) to help you fall asleep.digger cuddling in bedYou love playing, reading and running around. collage 2thomas cakeYour favourite things are –

Toy – your diggers and cars

Film – Homeward Bound

TV show – Peppa Pig

Food – Crisps




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