How to update your Summer wardrobe on a budget

Now the Summer is here I feel like I have Wedding or Christening to go to every week. With the invites, comes the requirement to buy a new outfit and usually a gift. It’s an expensive time. It’s not always financially feasible to head straight to the high street to buy a new outfit. Here are some money saving tips to ensure you still look great this Summer.clothes-blackLook online

Check our bargain finder and discount sites on the internet. I always find a much cheaper outfit online than in store and there are usually discount codes which will reduce the cost even more. There are sites that take stress out of looking too, a great time and money saver.sewingDIY what you’ve got

I’m sure you have something in your wardrobe that still has potential but you just don’t love anymore. Maybe you love the pattern of a dress or the fit of some jeans but the pieces themselves have lost their pizzazz? Why not change it into something else? It’s easy to make a dress into a top or a pair of jeans into shorts or why not change the colour with dye?second-handBuy second hand

I love nothing more than a rummage at a charity shop or car boot sale. As well as fantastically priced homewares and toys you can update your wardrobe for a few pounds. Don’t expect to find designer dresses often but you will find gorgeous things for pennies.

Swap with friends

I’m a similar size to a couple of friends and we share and swap clothes often, especially if we have a night out coming up. It doesn’t have to be on a permanent basis but it’s a great way to update your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

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