Samsung AddWash™ WW8500 Washing Machine review

As a Mother of a messy toddler, it’s important to have access to products that will help save time and effort, without an inferior end result. I loath time spent doing housework and will do anything I can to make it quick and stress free.  I am drawn to brands that promise great results with minimum fuss and effort.

Welcome my new best friend, the Samsung AddWash™ WW8500 Washing Machine.


The washing machine has a super modern look with sleek features that are unlikely to age or look out of date. My machine is white but it’s also available in graphite, both come with a black glass door. Despite the modern look, the build quality is also very good. The machine is sturdy and feels solid. I’m impressed by how strong the detergent door is, it feels robust and also has a lever inside it to allow proper cleaning and removal of soap scum.

The LCD display and control panel is very clear and easy to read. If I’m honest it feels like I’m looking at a phone screen or the digital display screen in my car. It even has a progress bar that shows you how far along your wash cycle is.

The large dial and buttons that are used to select your washing cycle are all clear and easy to read. They’re perfect for technology challenged people like myself, meaning I have no excuse to shrink clothes or boil wash cashmere jumpers.


The washing machine has a whopping 12kg drum capacity which makes it ideal for larger households or simply those who produce a lot of dirty washing.

It features Samsung’s unique AddWash which in essence is a smaller door added to the front of the washing machine door. It allows you to add missed items of clothing that have been forgotten about when you initially start off a wash. You simply pause the washing machine cycle and post the extra item through the mini door ( during cycles of 50 degrees or less). It’s such a simple idea but is such a clever addition.

Bubble Soak is a clever 30 minute programme that you use prior to a washing cycle. I’ve always used pre wash stain removers in a washing up bowl before even thinking about starting my washing machine, but Bubble Soak means you can do it all in your washing machine. Your dirty washing soaks in a pool of soapy bubbles for 30 minutes and helps loosen tougher stains and means there’s no need for tedious pre washes or scrubbing of your clothes.

One of my favourite features on the machine is the ecobubble™ Technology which dramatically reduces the amount of detergent needed for a wash. Water and detergent are mixed together to create bubbles which penetrate any stains and clean your clothes effectively. The ecobubble™ Technology also allows you to do your washing at lower temperatures which will also help save money on your electricity bills.

The washing machine is by far the quietest I’ve ever used. It features a Digital inverter motor which produces less vibration and offers a much quieter washing experience. So much so – during the first couple of washes, I was convinced it had turned itself off or was broken because I couldn’t hear any sound from the kitchen. The motor also comes with a 10 year warranty, so Samsung must be pretty confident in it’s abilities.

VRT Plus technology also assists with noise control and helps keep the drum at the perfect balance even on fast spins. Our delivery driver said he’d balanced out our machine while he was installing it to make this more effective.

The washing machine is by far the quietest I’ve ever used. It features a Digital inverter motor which produces less vibration and offers a much quieter washing experience, so much so – during the first couple of washes, I was convinced it had turned itself off or wash broken because I couldn’t hear any sound in the kitchen. The motor also comes with a 10 year warranty, so Samsung must be pretty confident in it’s abilities.

The Smart Control feature means your washing machine can be controlled by your phone or tablet. It is seriously like voodoo! You start and pause it while you’re out and about because there is a Wi-Fi connection within your washing machine. It even tells you if you’ve left a rogue item in your machine once you’ve emptied it.

It has Speciality cycles which are designed for everyday specific situations such as ‘cooking and dining‘ which removes food spills and cooking stains and ‘active kids‘ which removes food, mud, ink and crayon stains. Speaking of kids, the washing machine has a Child lock which can easily be used if you have children or animals.

The simple addition of a light inside the drum is really handy in such a large machine as is the fact the drum is self cleaning. Gone are the days of those awful little sachets you have to remember to add to your machine, the Samsung AddWash™ WW8500 washing machine notifies you with a reminder after every 40 washes to run the special Eco Drum Cycle which ensures your drum is kept clean and fresh.

Another favourite feature for me is the Error Diagnostics / Smart Check. Should you have any issues with your machine, prior to contacting Samsung customer support the Error Diagnostics / Smart Check which will alert you and diagnose any issues. My hubby is really impressed with this, he loves a good diagnostics check.

You can have a closer look at the features on my Samsung AddWash™ WW8500 washing machine here

Overall opinion

With 17 different wash cycles each with the ability to change the temperature, number of rinse cycles and spin rpm, it’s got something for every requirement so how could I possibly not love it?

It is rated as Energy efficient A+++ which I think is as good as it gets and it’s an absolute pleasure to use. I love how it looks aesthetically, what it can offer me and the standard of wash it gives.

I’ll admit, it’s by no means a budget machine, retailing currently at just over £1,000 but it’s quality is mind blowing.

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  1. 13th December 2016 / 11:14 am

    It is great that the Samsung addwash is self cleaning. Plus it helps that the washing machine looks super polished.

  2. hannah
    13th December 2016 / 11:31 am

    This sounds like a great washing machine. I like how it comes with wi fi

  3. 13th December 2016 / 9:32 pm

    That looks like such a fantastic washing machine – so many features and the wifi is a great inclusion too

  4. 14th December 2016 / 10:32 am

    This washing machine sounds awesome! I love the sound of the bar that tells you how far into the cycle you are, the AddWash function and the feature that tells you there is something still in the machine. And wifi too!


  5. 14th December 2016 / 8:41 pm

    This looks an awesome machine but way out of my budget unfortunately. Great review. Kaz x

  6. 14th December 2016 / 11:28 pm

    This is the fanciest washing machine I have ever seen! Woaaah, I couldn’t justify the price though :/ xx

  7. Cassandra Mayers
    15th December 2016 / 9:55 am

    I Love the interface, Looks like thats a really handy way to sort out settings , I would use the Active Kids one alot haha

  8. 15th December 2016 / 3:04 pm

    We have a Samsung washing machine and it’s just brilliant. We got it when my twins were born and it’s an absolute Trojan. Love it

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