Tips for Driving During a Heatwave

This summer certainly has been a hot one and has made certain aspects of daily life a lot trickier than normal. One of them being driving, getting into the car on a hot day has felt a lot like getting into an oven. Not only can it be uncomfortable for the driver and passengers, but the heat can also make driving unsafe unless the car is looked after properly.

Parking in the Shade

The simplest and most obvious thing that you can do during a heatwave, is park your vehicle in the shade or in a sheltered environment if possible. This will keep it much cooler and more bearable when you enter and can stop it from overheating. Additionally, this will also stop the colour and interior from fading. You can also protect the interior by investing in a reflector which will keep some of the heat out.

Letting the Air Out

It can feel horrible to enter the car when it is scorching and the best way to let this hot air out is to crank up the air conditioning and to open the windows to push the hot air out and allow cool air to circulate. You can then roll up the windows and enjoy the air conditioning. Modern vehicles tend to be much better for keeping cool and you can make this much more affordable with finance options from places like AA Cars.

Check the Tyres

Tyres can be more susceptible to blowouts in the summer and particularly if they are under inflated because they flex more which causes heat buildup. Check the pressure before heading out on a long drive and always remember to check the tyre’s tread depth regularly.

Be Prepared

Before setting off, make sure that you have everything that you need for a safe and comfortable journey. This should include sun cream, plenty of water, sunglasses, snacks and a fully charged mobile phone.


The engine is much more likely to overheat during a heatwave and particularly if you have low coolant levels and/or you constantly have the AC on. Check your coolant levels before setting off and if you begin to see signs of the engine overheating then pull over to a safe place, turn off the engine and seek assistance if necessary.

A heatwave can have a huge impact on motoring in many different ways and motorists should make a conscious effort to check their vehicles regularly and thoroughly. Try where possible to keep the car cool and out of direct sunlight and make sure you look after yourself and you passengers too!

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