Starting Your Own Dentist’s Office: A Guide

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If you’ve been considering starting your own dentist’s office in your community, there’s no time like the present to get going. Dentistry is a booming industry, and with the increase in population, every town needs quality and educated dentists. With all the new advancements in dental technology, emerging dentists are more sought after than those who still use old practices.

If you want to open a dentist’s office, but aren’t sure where to start, this guide will walk you through it.

Identify the Costs

As with starting any new business, there are start-up and running costs involved. As a dental practice will operate out of an office, you will need to consider what your budget is to start your business. It’s common, within the healthcare industry, for business owners to underestimate their costs. As a ballpark figure, you can expect to invest around £200K, at minimum, into your business. Some initial costs to consider are:

· Leasing of commercial space

· Construction

· Equipment

· Supplies

· Furniture

· Payroll

· Marketing

· Accounting

· Website

· Legal/Insurance

Choose Your Location

Before choosing your location, it’s essential to do some research and understand the market. Find out where the current clinics are located and avoid any space in that immediate area. You want to open your practice in an area that requires your services. Get a feel for the community, and which types of people live in which areas. On top of that, the size of your office should be relative to your budget.

Buy Equipment and Supplies

You can’t start a dental practice without the proper dental equipment. You’ll need to source a quality dental supply company that sells tools like dental ultrasonic scalers and x-ray equipment. Ideally, a supplier that is a one-stop-shop will make the process easier. You will also need to consider furniture to fill your office, general supplies, computer software and more.


As you’re working in the healthcare industry, it’s essential to hire qualified and educated staff. Before moving into your office space, make sure to schedule some time for a thorough hiring process. Finding the proper team will have a dramatic impact on your business as a whole. They should be competent, professional and warm. Many times your staff will be the first point of contact for your business, and you want them to make a good impression.

Also consider the costs for staff, which include their salary, health insurance, benefits and time off.


Obtaining licensing for your business is not very exciting, but it is necessary, especially in the medical field. Licensing can take a long time to come through, so make sure not to leave it until the last minute. Invest in a healthcare attorney who can ensure you have all the proper documents required. You’ll also need to register your business for tax purposes.

Get Patients

The most important factor in your dental business is to have patients. Once you’ve got all the logistics out of the way, you’ll need to attract people to come to your clinic. Start getting the word out long before you open your doors. You’ll need to get a website up, invest in some advertising and offer introductory promotions to get them through the door.

Collaborative Post


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