My recent shopping haul

My recent shopping haul

I’ve been hammering the shops and Ebay recently in preparation for our wedding and holiday which has come round very quickly.

Here are some of my recent bargains and finds.

I love this dress. My bargain on Ebay for £2.99.

Another Ebay Bargain. Brand new New Look dress that cost me £4.99.

A stunning maxi dress I picked up in Asda for £12. It feels gorgeous and hangs so nicely. Im desperate to find some brown leather gladiators sandals to go with it.

Another Asda fabulous find. £4.50 for this stunning number! I love it. It’s a fabulous longer length, great to cover my chunky thighs and will look amazing with ankle boots and thick tights.

Another Ebay purchase. £2 dress from Atmopshere. It looks gorgeous on and will be perfect over a bikini.

£4 for the full bikini from Asda.

I LOVE this. It’s completely perfect. It’s from Asda and is so gorgeous. It has a underwired top and looks fab on. It’s seriously vintage and retro looking, I can’t wait to wear it in Cyprus.

What a gorgeous skirt from Primark. £10 bargain. This will be great with flip flops.

£4.90 for a gorgeous shabby chic fitted sheet. I picked this up in Primark and it will look perfect in our bedroom. I’ll post a picture of our room soon. It’s my little haven.

Some more little bits from Primark. I’m a sucker for anything that promises nice hair or to fix my dry over coloured and over straightened ends. As for the reed defuser .. it’s gorgeous. I have one of these in the bathroom already and it smells lovely and has lasted ages, all for the bargain price of £3. It’d be rude not too.

Another vintage style bikini, this time from Primark for the bargain price of £8.

I picked this up in New Look. It cost £12 reduced from £25. It’s royal blue with white polkadots. It’s such a flattering fit with an elasticated waist.

Two more bargains from Primark. The bag is fabulous. It’s identical to one I saw in River Island for £35 but I only pair £9 for this one. I’ll probably use it for work. The shoes are to replace a pair I already have. They’re fab to go with jeans and only cost £6.

Overall I got some great bits and pieces.

Have you had any nice purchases recently?



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