Review Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body lotion

I was having a look through my bits and pieces earlier and realised I have quite a collection of Soap and Glory, mostly which I’ve never even tried.


Its only in the last few days that I’veI picked this up and given it a whirl. If I’m honest I only used it because I’d forgotten to take my usual body lotion into the bathroom and reached for the closest alternative.


I’ve only recently started to moisturise all over, I’ve always done pretty well with my face but the rest of my body has been neglected. I’m knocking on 30 now and I can feel my skin changing and becoming drier and less smooth. Prevention is better than cure so they say so body moisturising, body buffing, body scrubbing etc here I come.

Looking at the packaging this is obviously a S&G product. It has the standard pink and girly look with nice simple packaging, Yay to pump top dispensers, theres nothing worse than a slippy hand and an escape artist bottle lid.


My favourite thing about this product has to be the smell. It’s so nice. It smells oaty and delicious, most definitely good enough to eat. I’d definatly pick a cake that smelt like this.

The lotion itself feels creamy and thick but not in the slightest bit sticky. Ive been applying it while I’m still wet from the shower. It soaks into your skin in a matter of minutes leaving no sticky or greasy residue. You can get into bed or get dressed really quickly without having to hang round or worse still attempting to blow dry yourself dry with the hair dryer – yes I’ve done it before.

My skin feels fab after using this. I suffer from dry skin on most parts of my body and this does make a difference. I could probably do with applying it more often to see more of a result.

The bottle I have is 500ml but it’s also available in the smaller travel sizes. Mine came in a huge set at Christmas, a great present from my Mother in Law to be, but it can be purchased in most Boots stores as well as online from Soap and Glory direct.

Check out Soap and Glory on Facebook and Twitter

Soap and Glory website

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body lotion  costs £10.

*I purchased this product myself and reviewed it because I liked it*



  1. 6th May 2013 / 7:33 pm

    Wow, I could never have so many S&G products and not use them! I am basically obsessed with everything I have by them! But this sounds really nice, I think I'll try to get one of these as well 🙂

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