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Isn’t it fab when you forget you had something and then you come across it and it turns out to be great! Here starts my story with The Garage – Wheelie Good Cleanser and Toner.


I won this product quite a while ago in a competition and never got round to trying it, my phobia of a sore dry face pops up once again. To be honest though I find as I’m getting older my skin is much less sensitive – it finally means I can enjoy trying new products without the worry that my face will fall off.

I hadn’t even heard of The Garage Spa at Greta bridge until I got this product, which is a shame as I’m from Durham so it isn’t too far away from me.

The Spa itself is next to the Morritt Hotel, near Barnard Castle in County Durham. The pictures look amazing! The Spa is likened to a garage and the website sections are broken down into vehicle related sections e.g Forecourt and Body Shop, their Spa product range are also vehicle related e.g Wheelie Good Cleanser and Soft Top Body Potion.

Anyway, as of yet I haven’t had the chance to visit the Spa (it’s on wish list’ for when I get my life back after the wedding) so I can’t tell you what the Spa itself is like but I can tell you what these two little beauties are like.

They both come in pump action dispensers which are a fab invention, though I’m sure these two were possessed, it took my ages to work out how to get the product to come out and the dispenser to dispense.

Both cost £19 each for a 250ml bottle, which I will admit is quite a lot. It nice as a treat though and if you spend a day at the Spa, using the products afterwards would bring back happy memories during future use.

The Wheelie Good Cleanser is full of natural ingredients including Teesdale honey, fig and honey.


The cleanser feels thick and luxurious and smells gorgeous. It isn’t a strong overpowering smell, but is sweet and smells good enough to eat. You can smell the vanilla.

With the cleanser I put some onto my finger tips, rubbed it onto my face using circular movements and then wipe away with a clean cotton wool pad. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth, so stickness at all. As its the run up to the wedding I am worried about getting spots, so this will be a fab addition to my beauty regime, the natural honey should help combat any spot breakouts, whilst adding much needed moisture to my dry skin.

The tone is a transparent liquid which you’ll need to dispense onto cotton wool to apply to the face.


The toner smells pleasant, there’s no chemical or alcohol smell. Again this contains honey so is fab for those of us that need to add extra moisture. Some toners can dry my skin out but this one doesnt … at all.

I’ve been using the products combined for the last four days and I’m impressed with the results to far. I’ve had no breakouts of spots ( I seem to have had loads of minor irritations and spots lately, I blame the wedding stress) and my skin feels smooth and soft, I have no dry patches round my mouth and chin, which are also quite common for me.

I’ve been using these two followed by Eucerin day or big cream, and they seem to go well together. I’ve noticed on their website they sell a Classic Glow Facial Anti Aging Oil which sounds wonderful and would probably go better with these two but at £25 it’s a little out of my price range at the moment.

Overall im really impressed with both the cleaner and the toner. I love the fact they’re from a local company and contain local products and I’m pleased by the calming affect they seem to have on my skin.
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