Sweat Stop review

Sweat Stop review
I recently received a three day sample of Sweat Stop through the post and thought I’d give it a whirl. I love to try new things, especially when it’s something I’ve never heard of before.

Although I’m not a massively sweaty person I do get that damp underarm feeling, especially in stressful situations (usually work). It means sometimes I can’t wear light coloured tops – there’s nothing worse than that dreaded wet ring!

I am also looking for something to dramatically reduce all things sweaty for my impending wedding. We’re getting married in Cyprus and my dress is definitely not what you’d call a destination wedding dress. It’s huge – so I know the chances are, I’ll end up being a sweaty mess.

I was sent a small packet containing a three day sample and some leaflets about the product. There are various products available from their website, the one I tried was Forte Spray which costs £19.70 for 100ml spray bottle or £15.20 for 50ml roll on bottle

So what is it?

Sweat-Stop® sell functional personal-care products, developed for persons suffering from excessive sweating. Through continual medical research and development Functional Cosmetics Company AG offers unique and innovative products which help to increase people’s quality of life all over the world.

With different products in the range, Sweat-Stop® offers a solution for every unique individual that has problems with perspiration. Through the enrichment of cultivating additives like aloe vera, panthenol and camphor and the optimization of the pH-Value, all products are especially mild to the skin.

There are products available for undearms, hands, forehead, back, feet as well as skin care items.

So how does it work?

SweatStop antiperspirants contain aluminium chloride salts which inhibit perspiration by blocking the sweat glands, now although I don’t think this sounds particularly healthy I have had no ill effects from using it.

So what do I do with it?

Obviously mine was a sample packet, but it’s the same kind of thing. You apply to your sweaty area on an evening after washing, before going to bed. The advise that you should abstain from anything that may make you sweat after application – take that how you wish 🙂

I did find that it took AGES to dry, but there was no irritation and it didn’t make my pj top. The following morning you wash is off and use you regular deodorant, after a few days you will be able to reduce how often you apply it on a night. I found after the three days I was completely dry all day, though I was too scared not to wear my usual deodorant as well. Even a hectic day at work and an hour at the gym didn’t cause any dampness.After trying other products such as Driclor, which have caused irritation and sore underarms I am so pleased to have found this. It kept me dry, caused no irritation – it does what it says which is a nice surprise!

 I received a small sample of the product in return for an honest review





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  1. Anonymous
    3rd May 2015 / 10:45 am

    Hey there came across your blog when i was researching sweat stop so i thought id give it a read and you were very helpful, i love the presentation, keep up the good work! im doing what you did as well and ordered a sample, i suffer with it really bad and im a musician too so when i do gigs i have to wear vest tops even in the winter, anyways thnx for giving me some hope, all the best – mike

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