Review Ark Age Prepare exfoliator

I was sent this product to test by the lovely Victoria at Ark Skincare.


ARK Age Aware Skincare introduces a revolutionary way
to look at skin defined by your skin’s changing needs as you age rather than by
skin type. “Age appropriate” products are divided into 3 age-related
Read more about ARK and their theories and ideas here

ARK has three ranges;
  • Age Prepare – Teens to early 30s
  • Age Maintain – Mid 30s to 50s
  • Age Repair – 50s and Beyond


I was sent something from the age prepare range – I’m
28, so my skin is getting to the age where I need to increase my skin regime
and also try and buy products that are aimed at helping prevent premature
The skin refining exfoliator is described as a
antibacterial exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, debris and grime off
your skin and helps refine yours skin’s texture and clear out your pores,
leaving your skin smooth and soft.
I usually use an exfoliator every other day or so. I
suffer from dry skin, which is weather dependant. I get it when it’s cold, but
also if it’s too hot! It only tends to be around my mouth and chin, but
nevertheless, it’s extremely annoying and can look unsightly under make up. I
find that using a decent exfoliator and moisturiser can make a massive
difference to my skin and my confidence. I’ve been using this product for about
a week and a half so far and can honestly say I’m impressed.
When my package arrived I was impressed by how
expensive and luxurious the products loved. It arrived in an elegant box and
gift bag – the tube looks fib on my bathroom windowsill.

The exfoliator it has a very light natural herbal scent
that I find extremely pleasant. It smells like a very posh facial!
The product itself is a rich creamy texture with grains
in it to help remove the dead skin cells.  It doesn’t feel abrasive in the slightest, I
was initially a little worried by the lack of ‘roughness’ in the product, but
was surprised that regardless of the fact it didn’t feel abrasive, my skin felt
ultra smooth and soft, even after the first use.
This exfoliator will be great if you suffer from
sensitive skin, as it doesn’t cause any discomfort. I used to have quite
sensitive skin when I was younger, it’d go bright red and sore after using
pretty much anything, and exfoliators was a massive no no, luckily though it
was something I grew out of.
The skin refining
exfoliator is £28.00 per 75ml so it’s not a cheap product, but I would definitely
buy it again. My skin feels brighter than it has for a long time, and I haven’t
had any breakouts of either spots or dry skin during the trial period so far.

I was given this product to test and review by the company.



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