Guide London menswear

Guide London menswear

My hubby is a casual kind of guy. Weddings, Christenings and Funerals are the only events where he looks smart. The older he gets the worse it’s got. Sloppy tracksuit bottoms or faded jeans have become the attire of choice. 

It drives me mad! I’m happy for him to wear trainers and jeans but always feel he should dress it up a little with a smart shirt. Guide London recently gave him the chance to smarten up his wardrobe with the choice of one of their shirts. 

So, who are Guide London?

They’re an independent family run fashion label based in London. They have been around since 1973 and sell a wide range of mens items, such as shirts, coats and socks. You can purchase online to have their items delivered to your home.

After much deliberation … and a little assistance from yours truly he decided on the casual check shirt

The shift is smart yet has a casual feel to it. It looks smart on but doesn’t make hubby feel over dressed and uncomfortable. It looks fairly casual with a pair of jeans but could just as easy be dressed up with a suit.

I think it has quite a 1960’s look, very mod and wouldn’t look out of place on a Paul Weller look a like on the back of a Vespa.

Made from 100% cotton the shirt quality is great. The material is thick and fitted and hangs nicely, though the sizing is a little snug. It’s also machine washable and drives quickly and easily. It doesn’t really crease either, which is great for a man with little time, or little patience with an iron!

The stitching and detail to the shirt is excellent. The quality is obvious as soon as you look at it. It’s a shirt made to last. Price wise, at £65 it’s not too different to the higher end high street shops. I wouldn’t hesitate buying hubby another shirt from Guide London if the quality is this good.

*The shirt was sent for the purpose of the review. Opinions are our own*


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