The ladies in my life

The ladies in my life

As it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought write a little about the females who were present during my childhood and growing up.

My Mam is the strongest woman I know, she’s also the bravest. I’ve briefly mentioned before how she has severe Crohn’s disease, something that’s affected her and our family life massively over the last 30 years. She’s had 11 major operations in this time, and spent A LOT of my childhood in and out of hospital.

It wasn’t easy. There’s only me and her.

I have no siblings and my Dad isn’t someone I’d like to waste any time writing about.

I was very lucky when I was younger as my maternal grandparents were still alive. They became my surrogate Mam and Dad while my Mam was poorly in hospital. They were truly the best grandparents I could have had.

Sadly neither are with us now.  my Grandad was the nicest man you could ever meet, laid back, quiet and the complete opposite to my fiery Nana!

My Nana was an amazing woman, strong, independent and fiercely protective of her family. I think this trait runs through all the females in our family. We spent so much time together, she felt like my Mam too. We spent hours baking and force feeding my Grandad ‘Jam Pies’ that I’d picked back off the floor a dozen times/carefully created. When I was younger I always made to Mother’s Day cards, one for my Mam and one for my Nana. As I got older, they got identical bouquets and chocolates.

Without the support of my grandparents when I was young, I’d have probably have ended up in care. With my Mam being so ill and in hospital for massive periods of time I’d have had no one else to stay with. I’ll always be grateful to them for looking after me, which can’t have been easy. They were older Grandparents and I suspect they’d thought after their own three children grew up they wouldn’t have to look after another!

My Mam always tells me how proud my Grandparents would have been of me but I’d love to know that for certain. I’ve often thought about consulting a medium to offer some reassurance. I’d love to know for certain that they were pleased with the way I’d turned out and if they were proud of what I’ve achieved.

Looking back at photo’s of them brings back so many fun memories from my childhood, we went all over together and I feel grateful for such a fantastic family unit.

My Mam is still poorly but I am so grateful that she’s still here. She’s my best friend and a complete inspiration.

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful Mothers!

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  1. 14th March 2015 / 10:40 pm

    It sounds like your grandparents are wonderful people. I hope your Mum isn't too poorly and you manage to both enjoy Mothers day tomorrow x

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