8 months old – baby update

8 months old – baby update

This is late. As always. I think subconsciously I don’t write them so I can forget that another month has passed and time is ticking away right in front of my eyes.

The last month has been so busy. I literally feel like we’ve never stopped and have hardly been in the house.


He’s as cheeky as ever. He’s always vocal and loves to hear his own voice, he clearly gets this from his Daddy! His first word snuck out this month too – Dada. I just knew he’d say that before Mammy! Though, to be fair, he doesn’t tend to direct it to his Daddy, he just says it, repeatedly throughout the day at pretty much anyone or anything. No ‘Mammy’ yet.

He’s a happy baby, and loves being around people. He thrives on attention. Give him a little old lady and he’s full of smiles, especially when they give him a pound. I’ve trained him well! It’s so nice when people remark that he seems like a happy, contented baby, it makes you forget the harder days and it reminds me of what hubby and I created. This amazing little human being!


I mentioned in my last update that we were waiting for a hospital referral for his leg. Yes, well we’re still waiting! It turns out our GP didn’t actually send the referral though. I’m much calmer now, but I was to put it politely … a little bit annoyed when I found out.

He had a little stomach bug for a couple days his month. So did hubby, so I had to run round after two poorly men. I had such a fun time … not!

He’s got a cold at the moment, so he’s a little snotty monster. It’s making him sleep a little more than usual but he still seems happy enough.


He’s been a little more picky with food recently. He’s still eating three meals a day but hasn’t eaten as much at meal times as normal, eating a little and then wanting to finish off with his bottle. He still has porridge and toast on a morning and loves it, or loves hiding it in his highchair!

He’s an avid fan of cucumber too. I’d say it was probably his favourite thing. 


He’s sneaked into our bed recently.  He was stirring and waking himself up hourly during the night, partly I think because of his tooth, so we brought him in with us and he sleeps right through again. It’s not a permenant thing and I know it’s probably not the wisest move in the world but we’re all happy and we’re all sleeping and waking up refreshed. 

What we’ve done this month

We had our trip to the Lake District which the little man seemed to enjoy. He loved picnicking by the lake, going for walks and watching the ducks. We’ve been to a Christening where he was good as gold and got to spend time with lots of other babies. We’ve been on lots of walks, and had a chance to see the changing Autumn leaves at Jesmond Dene. We’ve been shopping with Daddy in Newcastle but we’re still totally stuck on what the little man will be getting from Santa. His favourite toys at the moment are an empty cardboard box and a tambourine. 

His swimming lessons started again last week too which he absolutely loves going too. Even when I go back to work hubby will be able to take him as he gets Mondays off work. 

We’re hoping for a little overnight stay somewhere this month as it’s my 30th birthday and rather than a drink fuelled night out (I’m way past that now!) I’d rather a trip somewhere with my little family. 

I’m going to try and a make a conscious effort this month to tale the little man to some baby groups. I often feel he may have a little too much adult company and not enough time with other babies. 


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