Baby update – teeth, words and crawling!

Baby update – teeth, words and crawling!

I have some massive milestone updates about the little man. They all seem to have come together, creating a sleep routine nightmare, or at least a nightmare to us. We’re not used to regular sleepless nights or him waking during the night, but for the last week he’s been like a different baby. He’s been awake at least twice every night, demanding milk and then awake at the crack of dawn, ready for the day. It’s a complete killer when you’ve got used to a baby sleeping 8-8 most nights. 

He has teeth!

Two whole teeth. They’ve finally arrived, the first on the 22nd September and on the 5th of October the second one poked its way through. They’re both at the bottom, and boy are they sharp! 

Terrifyingly, he also crawls! He went from his rocking, twerking motion to full blown crawling at the speed of light around the house in less than 48 hours. 

He’s been insistent on trying to pull himself up on everything too. While we were in his bedroom the other day, him creeping round the floor and me putting his clean washing away (I feel like I do that about 16 times a day, every day!) he realised I’d left the bottom drawer of his chest of drawers ajar. He took this as the perfect opportunity to attempt to scale the front of the drawers and rather scarily, he pretty much managed! He could only manage a few seconds unsupported before he tumbled side ways and was caught by an eagle-eyed Mammy, but he was up! Since he’s tried to climb the TV cabinet, the bottom stair and the washing machine door!

God help me. 

He was up on his feet with the help of his Popeye-esque arms in seconds ( sadly I missed it on my phone but I managed to record him later the same night attempting the same, but he didn’t quite manage to get up onto his feet this time. 

He’s been saying ‘Dada’ or ‘Da’ for weeks now but refused point blank to say anything that resembles Mammy. Until this last week. He now says ‘Mama’ when he’s tired or a little upset, so I suppose we’re getting there!

The recent milestones have made Hubby and I realise we really need to baby proof the house as soon as possible. The TV has already been wall mounted and all loose wires hidden or fastened against the skirt boards, we now just need to secure everything else and hope for the best!


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  1. 22nd October 2014 / 11:44 pm

    squueeeee how exciting! And how quickly did he take to crawling please? OMG – Super Baby! Ahh you've got the baby proofing now to look forward to eh? lol xx #babybabble

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