The never ending laundry pile

The never ending laundry pile
Is it just me who literally feels like all they do is wash, dry and put away clothes?! 
I swear over night someone breaks into my house just to deposit another pile of dirty clothes in my washing basket. When it was just hubby and I, I could get away with 1 or 2 loads of washing each week but since the little man has graced us with his presence, that’s turned into 1 or 2 loads a day! I literally feel like I’m constantly wading my way through laundry. The actual washing part isn’t too traumatic, for me anyway, I can’t comment for my brave little washing machine. It’s the drying and putting away I find both time consuming and horrendously irritating. 
It’s even more of a problem now the weather is worse. If I so much as think about putting a line of washing out, it pores down, so everything gets bunged into the tumble dryer. The hum of the dryer feels like friendly chatter of a friend and the little man watches the washing machine like the TV!
For the last week or two instead of putting our clothes away, Hubby and I had been piling them up at the bottom of our bed on the proviso that we’d do it later/tomorrow/when we had five minutes. Needless to say, it didn’t happen.
Big mistake! 
One pile had become 7 massive piles, all of which has intermingled and become ‘Clothes Mountain’, a scary place were tights had become attached to bra hooks and solitary baby socks had hidden themselves under the bed. It was a sad, messy place. The final straw was when I realised Hubby was digging through Clothes Mountain on a morning to find clean socks because his sock drawer was empty. 
It took Hubby and I four very long hours to put all of the clothes away. It was such a waste of an evening. 
So, too reduced my stress levels and reduce the risk of ‘Clothes Mountain’ reappearing I’ve made myself a new little laundry resolution. I’m not going to do a million loads of washing each day, dry them and pile them up, instead I’m going to attempt to do ONE load from start to finish each day. 
PUT AWAYAnd if that doesn’t work …. I’m either getting a cleaner or running away.

What laundry solutions do you have? How on earth do you manage if you have a large family?



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