Enhance your borders with EcoBorder

Enhance your borders with EcoBorder

The garden has been a work in progress and a complete money pit recently. We’d done very little to it before the summer started but now it’s finally starting to take shape. We’ve had pretty much everything dug out. We’ve said goodbye to the weeds, shrubs and uneven paving stones and hello to bark filled borders, a decking area and a much tidier look.

We were recently sent some EcoBorder from The Plastics People to help finish of the edges of our borders.  EcoBorder is made from recycled tyres and is a environmentally friendly, it’s also quick and easy to install and is a simple way of keeping grass and borders separate. It’s available in four different colours – black, red, grey and brown. I decided on the brown as our borders are filled with brown bark. 

EcoBorder costs £59.88 for a pack of 6, 4 foot lengths and can be ordered online It’s also worth checking out the other products on The Plastic Peoples website, particularly their low cost cuts and sheets of Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate, PVC and Correx.

Each piece of EcoBorder bends up to 70 degrees, meaning it can be installed along the edges of borders or paths even if they’re not straight. The recycled tyre material is extremely durable and completely reusable, the EcoBorder cane be moved and reinstalled as much as you like without causing it to soften or distort. 
To ensure correct fitting you need to make sure the area underneath the EcoBorder is as flat as possible as any stones or bumps will mean the EcoBorder doesn’t sit correctly.
EcoBorder comes in 4 metre lengths that connect together with a sturdy type of dowelling. They fit together easily and it gives the border a smooth and streamline look.
The lengths of EcoBorder are secured to the ground with stakes, You’ll need a hammer or mallet to ensure they’re deep into the ground but they are very easily knocked in. 
As soon as the EcoBorder is down, the difference is instantly noticeable. It creates a tidier and neater look and makes our borders look much better. I really like the fact they’re made from recycled material too, the amount of tyres in landfill is crazy, so finding a use for them like this is a great idea. 
I’m really pleased with the EcoBorders. They look fab and have made grass cutting right to the edge of the lawn much easier. It’s been in place for a couple of weeks now and we’ve had no issues with movement or lifting. It looks like it will last and looks like it will resist any weather but only time will tell.
*We were sent the products for review purposes. Opinions are my own*

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