The homemade craft revival

The homemade craft revival

Programs like the Great British Bake Off and Kirstie Allsop’s Home Made Home have brought the revival of more traditional home making crafts back into the public eye. People are opting for slower paced hobbies and crafts such as baking, sewing and jam making with a recent rise in people wanting to learn more traditional skills, particularly those that can be used in their own homes.

I love making and crafting myself. I love to turn off the TV and Project Life (a form of scrap booking), I find it quite therapeutic and a relaxing task. I also love this time of yearm the run up to Christmas means I can sit down with the little man and make a mess/crafts.

A survey has recently been commission by Baytree Interiors which asked 1,000 UK residents a range of questions about learning new skills and their interior style preferences. Not surprisingly the findings showed that more a more traditional way of living was becoming more popular with people steering away from modern interiors, opting for more traditional interiors such as shabby chic bedrooms and rustic upcycled furniture.

When asked about the hobbies they’d like to try, 31% of the survey participants chose baking as their favourite hobby, with 21% wishing to learn sewing and 12% said that they wanted to brew their own alcohol. 

It’s all well and good wanting to learn new skills, but how do you actually learn? 43%  of people said they’d attempt to learn their new skill by using online resources and 29% saying they’d learn from others.  I think the internet is a fantastic way of learning new skills. There are so many helpful tutorials on places like YouTube and Vimeo that can easily be followed and repeated if necessary. It’s great for those of us that no longer have older relatives who can pass down their skills.

The survey by Baytree Interiors shows that people are embracing more traditional lifestyles, learning skills that can be used in their homes and in turn creating a slower paced life. Crafting and home skills can be quite therapeutic, allowing those taking part to relax, move away from technology and even work together as a family to make beautiful things that can be handed down over the years.

Do you have any crafting skills?


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