We ❤ London

We ❤ London
Hubby and I are off to London in October for 5 days. I adore London and would quite happily live there. We tend to go at least once a year.
The last time we were down was for the opening ceremony of the Olympics last year, our trip this year was going to be an extension of our honeymoon and a combined birthday celebration for me, though it’s unlikely our trip will actually turn out to be very lively due to the bump we will be taking with us this time!
We’ve got a few things booked for our visit, we enjoy the unusual and activities a little of the beaten track, as we’ve done the majority of the traditional tourist trips in previous years.
So far this time we’ve got a trip for us both to The Lush Spa on Kings Road booked, which I’m really looking forward too. Luckily hubby works part time at Lush and the company allow staff a free visit to the spa and 50% discount for any additional guests who book, i.e me!
On one of the nights of the trip we are sleeping over at Dino Snores for adults at the Natural History Museum. This was a wedding present I bought hubby back in May but we’ve had to wait a while to use it. It looks amazing and hubby is so excited, I’m a little concerned as to how I’ll cope at almost 6 months pregnant and sleeping on a cold stone floor but … I love a challenge!
I’d imagine we will also use 2for1Days out website for some other cheaper deals for things to do. It’s saved us a fortune on activities previously and it’s so easy to use, as long as you have inbound and outbound train tickets.

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