Developmental Toys From Lamaze/TOMY

* We were sent the toys in return for an honest review.

One of my favourite baby toy brands is Lamaze who come under the TOMY umbrella. My eldest had a great selection of Lamaze toys when he was younger and we kept a lot of them when he eventually grew out of them. We got them down from the loft when Little E was born and they’re as good as new and loved all over again.

Lamaze toys are created in conjunction with child development experts and are designed to help inspire healthy play and learning. They use the Lamaze® Infant Development System® which focuses on The Right Toy at the Right Time, tailoring each toy to a specific developmental age.

The Lamaze range has toys suitable from birth right up to 12 months+, each with engaging and eye catching designs, bright colours and fun characters.

Little E was recently sent a few of their baby products to try out and they’ve been a huge hit since they arrived.

Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly is such a great versatile Lamaze product. We love using him in the car and pushchair as well as at home as he clips on to things easily.

Freddie’s wings are filled with fun, sensory activities and Little E will happily play with him for ages.

Freddie has three small teethers attached to him which are perfect for Little E has he has some impending teeth.

He has soft orange ribbon antennae which Little E loves sucking or twiddling between his fingers. He’s also very impressed by Freddie’s squeaker and small circular mirrors.

Freddie is suitable from birth and has been a huge hit in our house. We love his bright colour and the range of textures and activities he has.

Freddie’s Activity Bus

Freddie’s Activity Bus is aimed more at babies 12 months plus as it features some learning activities. It can help children learn basic buttoning, snapping, tying and zipping.

On top there is a chunky yellow button that can be fastened through some soft red material. It’s a great way to start younger children off with fastening their clothes.

On one side there is a crinkly flap that when lifted exposes a mirror where small people can admire themselves.

Also on top of the bus is a orange bow that can be opened and re-tied. It’s too difficult for Little E at the moment but will be a great help when he’s learning to tie shoe laces in a couple of years time.

On the back of the bus there’s a slot in buckle that Little E currently loves to pull. Learning to open and close it will help with motor skills when he’s a little older.

I think Little E’s favourite part of Freddie’s Activity Bus is the yellow zip on the front. Whilst it’s still a little fiddly for him to grab hold of, he loves watching me pull it back and forwards and grabbing at the purple zipper.

Grab & Hide Ball

The Grab & Hide Ball is aimed at babies 6 months and up. It’s a relatively big, soft fabric ball that has a range of sounds, textures and eye catching colours and designs.

The Grab & Hide ball is a great toy to stimulate a baby’s development through play. There’s an elephant and lion attached to each other through the ball, when you pull one end, the other disappears inside the ball. Little E is so intrigued by this!

The ball jingles when t’s rolled around and Little E loves to push it and try and squash it.

The ball is lightweight so can be held up easily by little hands. Little E loves playing with it on his back and kicking it which his legs and bashing it with his hands.

Little E is really impressed with the Lamaze toys, particularly Freddie Firefly. He’s kept him entertained on longer car journeys and while shopping in his pushchair so he’s also a hit with me!

* We were sent the toys in return for an honest review.


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