Thomas J Fudges Remarkable Bakery biscuits

Thomas J Fudges Remarkable Bakery biscuits

We love biscuits in this house, I mean REALLY love biscuits. Hubby and I love nothing more than a pot of ‘proper’ coffee and some tasty biscuits on an evening. Long gone are the days of wine and beer, we’re much happier with coffee and something sweet, we are are just so rock and roll!

A recent find for our biscuit list is Thomas J Fudges biscuits. Fudges was founded by Percy Fudge in 1926, under the watchful eye of his older brother, Thomas J Fudge. Thomas opened a bakery in Dorset in 1916, and taught Percy his craft. Today, the company is run by the third generation of Fudge, who have worked hard to preserve the legacy of their great, great uncle and grandfather.
Some of Fudge’s sweet treats have recently been re-launched in attractive boxes with some flavour enhancements and I was given the chance to try them.

Stem ginger blisscuits dipped in dark chocolate (£2.99)  – A biscuit with a texture not too dissimilar to a Jaffa Cake. It’s slightly soft and cake like with a good chunk of crystallised ginger on the top. It’s also half dunked in dark Belgian chocolate.
Roasted almond blisscuits dipped in milk chocolate (£2.99) – Again, another softer biscuit full of tiny almond pieces and a whole roasted almond planted on top. Deliciously dipped in Belgian milk chocolate.

Wondrous white chocolate Florentines (£3.50)  – A chewy biscuit half coated in tasty white chocolate with juicy sultanas and a citrusy zing.
Delectable dark chocolate flapjacks (£3.25) – Moist and chewy pieces of flapjack half dipped in tasty dark chocolate.

Mouthwatering milk chocolate Florentines (£3.50) – Chewy biscuits with cranberries and hazelnuts half dipped in milk chocolate.
Decadent dark chocolate Florentines (£3.50) – Half dipped in dark chocolate, delicious chewy biscuits with almonds and sultanas. 
Marvellous milk chocolate flapjacks (£3.25) – Very moist and chewy sweet flapjacks half coated in luxurious milk chocolate.
Thomas J Fudge’s goodies can be bought in Waitrose, Tesco, Booths, Ocado, some farm shops or online via the Fudges website and I’ve just found out that they do savoury snacks too. I will have to try and pick some up next time I’m in Tesco.
Each box is extremely elegant and well designed. They look very expensive and luxurious and because the boxes are so pretty there’s no need to put the biscuits on a plate, they look great as they come and would even impress the grumpiest Aunt or Grandmother.
As well as gorgeous boxes the biscuits are to die for! Wow. I am massively impressed. Each and every flavour was delicious and so moreish. Although usually I am not really a fan of either almond or ginger surprisingly I found both delicious. The flapjacks were amazing, they were sweet and oaty and really moist. They certainly didn’t taste like they’d come from a packet.
My favourites were definitely the white chocolate Florentines. I could quite happily have eaten the whole packet. They’re fruity and chewy and the white chocolate is the perfect choice.
The biscuits are quite expensive but I would say it’s worth it purely due to the taste and sheer luxury. They would make an ideal treat or for when you have those posh friends round that are never satisfied.
I will most definitely but these again and I’m going to pick up some of the savoury ones to have with cheese and a sneaky glass of wine!
*I was sent the biscuits free of charge but opinions are my own*

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