How to upcycle a bird bath

How to upcycle a bird bath

We’ve recently been doing the garden up. It’s gone from jungle to something that’s actually quite nice to spend time in. We haven’t got a great deal of cash left now we’ve had it tidied up so we’ve been looking at cheap and cheerful ways of brightening it up with accessories.

I’ve had this vintage style bowl for quite a while. I bought it in a Charity shop for £3.99 as it was too pretty to ignore and it’s sat it in a cupboard ever since.

I wanted to use it for something in the garden and finally decided it would make a bird bath of some kind. I initially thought about drilling holes and attaching a chain and hanging it somewhere but I was worried it would crack so I decided a base would be better and more likely to last.

We found some left over wood in the garage from out garden gate and hubby cut it to size using our Ryobi cordless jigsaw which quickly and easily cuts through any wood put in front of it.

One the wood was cut into 4 equal length Hubby nailed each piece into a box shape (if we’d had a more solid piece of wood we’ve just just used that, but I didn’t want to buy more wood when we had so much left). To nail them together he used our extremely handy and effective Ryobi cordless nailer.  
The nailer helped create a solid and durable column which we added a flat top and base too (the top is smaller than the bottom and will hold the dish), the wood for this was left of pieces of scrap from our our outdoor chalkboard and were again nailed on using the Ryobi cordless nailer.

Once it was put together I painted it with outdoor wood paint which I had left over from painting a metal handrail that runs down the side of the garage. Once it was all dry I applied a thick layer of exterior No More Nails to the top and left it to become tacky. I then placed the vintage bowl on top and kept my fingers crossed it would stay put.

It’s stuck well so far and has been used daily by the birds. Time will tell how well it endures the lovely English weather though.

I like my elegant little bird bath in the garden and because the bowl is pretty deep the birds get a lovely dip too.

What you need
A bowl of some soft with some depth
Some solid lengths of wood
Wood scraps – enough to male a top and a base
No more nails or similar

What do you think of my birdbath?


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