Gift ideas from the Old Street Barber Co.

Gift ideas from the Old Street Barber Co.
You might have
noticed in some of my blog pictures that hubby is a beard wearer
and it can be a struggle finding gifts for him that don’t include shaving foam
or razors. Rather than getting rid of the beard, he prefers to embrace it, so
being recently introduced to the Old
Street Barber Co
 was a little bit exciting. They’re company selling a great range of products for
the distinguished gent and bearded folk, they’ve got some great gift
ideas and their products are really luxurious and unique.
was sent the Peppermint
and Lemon Peel beard oil
to try out. Made in the UK using 100%
natural ingredients, such as Sweet Almond oil, Peppermint essential oil, Lemon
Peel essential oil and Vitamin E and is a divine smelling, beard treat/ It can
be used on it’s own, after shaving or as a post shave serum. The oil helps to
prevent and relieve itching, helps moisturise and smooths down all those random hairs that like
to poke out in different directions. It works in perfect conjunction with the
wooden beard comb and Hubby has become a little obsessed. I find him sitting
stroking his beard or running a comb through it, looking a little like a Bond villain!
got to say, the smell is absolutely delicious. It has a rich citrus
scent but isn’t over powering, in fact, if just makes me want to lick
Hubby’s face! A
little goes a very long way so although the beard oil costs £20, it will last
for a long time. 

You can check out
some of their products in my gift suggestions below. I think the Cinnamon beard
oil sounds absolutely amazing. The Old Street Barber Co. offer free delivery on
orders over £30, so get in quick for a last minute Christmas gift. 


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