The Watch Hut Casio Ladies Watch

The Watch Hut Casio Ladies Watch

I’ve owned a few watches in my time, though none with a clear digital display like the Casio watch. When I was younger I followed the trends, Baby G’s anyone?! but I was never lucky enough to get one of the digital designs.

I feel like I’ve stepped right back into my childhood with this watch. I love the retro /vintage design of the watch and simple display.

The watch is extremely elegant and ladylike, and perfect for smaller wrists. It comes to something when your wrists are you slimmest body part! I usually have to have links removed from watches or bracelets so it was a plesant suprise to see an adjustable fastening on this watch, meaning it fits snuggly to my wrist.

Personally I am not a huge fan of bling-tastic watches that are the same size as the moon, preferring something a little more understated and less likely to go out of fashion.

The watch is water resistant so you needed worry
about the odd splash when it rains or when you’re washing your hands.
Overall I’m impressed. I can’t see this watch going out of fashion any time soon and it would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Have you ever had a Casio watch before?

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