Bravado The Original Nursing Bra

Bravado The Original Nursing Bra
From pretty much day one of my pregnancy my boobs began to grow. I’ve ended up going from a 36C to a massive 38GG! They initially started off sore and tender, and rapidly increased in size. Now the little man is here they don’t appear to be making a particularly quick departure.

They feel heavy and uncomfortable and so inconvenient! I’ve struggled to get supportive maternity bras so when I was given the chance to try a Bravado Designs nursing bra, I jumped at the chance. I was sent the bra in the colour butterscotch, which is a nude/skin colour.  

Besides needing comfortable support day and night, new mothers often need the functionality of being able to release a breast if you are breastfeeding. 

The bra is made from soft cotton which is extremely stretchy and moulds to fit your skin. It can be worn both during the day or at night. At the moment I find I have to wear a bra at night to prevent leaking and also for comfort, so this was ideal.

The bra is a sports bra type design, more of a crop top style than your traditional type of bra which I personally find more supportive and comfortable, the straps are wider too which means no nasty red marks on your shoulders.


The bra cups unclip at the shoulder and drop down to give your baby access to your breast.

Although the bra is not underwired I found it very supportive, even for larger boobs. The bra can be bought in sizes S, M, L, XL which means they are suitable for expanding boobs both during pregnancy and nursing. It’s also available in black, white, butterscotch and a very funky leopard print. It’s costs £26 and can be purchased directly from the website.

The only fault I had with the bra is I found that while wearing breast pads with it, they could quite easily be seen through the fabric of the bra, otherwise I really like this bra. It did everything a good maternity bra should, kept my boobs safe and secure whilst keeping them lifted and supported.

*I was sent the print free of charge for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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