Perfectace Platinum Collagen capsules

Perfectace Platinum Collagen capsules

Since turning 30 last October I’d tried to make a conscious effort with my skincare routine, remembering to remove my make up properly, cleanse, tone and moisturise every day/most days. Whilst I managing quite nicely with my array of skin care products I have no idea what I should be doing when it comes to help on the inside.

I’ve never really been one for supplements and vitamins but before Christmas I was asked if I’d like to try out Perfectace, a dietary supplement containing Platinum Collagen.

Revolutionary new Perfectace Platinum Collagen contains a definitive blend of biologically active proteins, including our innovative active ingredient OptiDerm®that are scientifically proven to stimulate new healthy skin growth to replace these deteriorating linkages and revitalise your skin.

Perfectace is a daily dietary supplement which claims to –

  • Rewind time, achieve younger looking, smooth & supple skin with Perfectace’s age-defying product, Platinum Collagen
  • Developed by leading experts using research based science to guarantee results
  • 100% pure, active and concentrated, without binders, fillers and other chemical
  • Trusted and recommended by leading sports professional
  • 100% Vegetarian and endorsed by the Vegetarian Society
  • Free from gluten, wheat, added sugars, sucralose, aspartame, artificial colours or flavourings
I had no idea what to expect at all and if I’m honest I was a little cynical. After all, it’s not like you can see inside your body to see what changes are happening. 
The instructions on the container state you can take between 1-3 a day with food. I have have been taking 1 each day on a morning. I find it easiest to remember on a morning. Although the capsules are big they’re not difficult to swallow and have no nasty after tastes. 
Each tablet has been developed and created by leading experts and contains 100% pure ingredients. The main ingredient being Peptan, a type of collagen used in skin and beauty products.

I apologise in advance for the pictures below. My eyebrows are a little bit crazy at the moment, especially without make up. You can see the dark circles under my eyes were horrendous – that’s what having a poorly baby does to you! My pores were also quite enlarged and open. 

I’ve been using Perfectace for around 6 weeks now, and I’m coming towards the end of my trial. I can see a difference in my skin, it looks clearer and brighter and clearer. The dark circles under my eyes have dramatically reduced too, though I have been using a new Oz Naturals eye cream too so I suspect that is partly responsible too. I’ve had no break outs during the trial period and my skin does look brighter. It looks hydrated and much better than it did before. 
Another thing I’ve noticed since I started taking the supplements is the additional energy I seem to have. I can’t think of anything else that might have increased my energy levels especially considering my lack of sleep recently and the fact I’ve returned to work full time. 

Whilst I can’t really confirm the impact Perfectace has had on the inside of my body, I am quite impressed with the change in my skin. I will purchase these again and carry on taking them in the hope that the help make more positive changes to my skin. 

If you like the sound of Perfectace you can try it yourself. They’re available from Vitamin Planet where they’re on offer for £39.99 for 60 capsules.


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