Baby BORN interactive doll and accessories review

We were recently sent The BABY born interactive doll and some accessories as part of their Babysitter campaign. The little man has played with the doll none stop since she arrived and loves his new little friend.


The BABY born interactive doll is very clever. She cries tears, will go to sleep and even eats and drinks. The little man was particularly interested in the fact she could eat and drink and then pass it in her nappy.

The BABY born doll comes dressed with a bottle that can be filled with water, a feeding plate and spoon, one sachet of ‘food’, a dummy with clip, a bracelet for the doll and a matching one for the child.

You can buy various extras to got with the BABY born doll, including the BABY born travel seat (RRP £24.99) which we were also sent. It can be used in three different ways – a car seat, a chair and a pushchair. The little man loves to carry it round and take it in the car with him.


BABY born will wet her nappy if you lie her down after eating or drinking or she can be sat on the pink potty that she comes with. There’s a small button on her stomach that needs to be pressed to make her ‘wee’ and ‘poo’. It is a little stiff so the little man likes Mammy to press it rather than him.

She doesn’t require any batteries which I really like however, this does mean she doesn’t make any noises or movement on her own. Play and interaction is completely down to your child.

She can be bathed too which the little man loves. He takes her into the bath, washes her and then dries her with a towel. I like the fact she drains very quickly and doesn’t leave wet puddles around the house.

BABY born is the number two large doll brand within the UK. Their products encourage nurturing and fantasy role-play with a range of dolls and accessories which are proven to help develop social skills and values. He’s very gentle with the Baby BORN doll and I love watching him treat her like a baby.

I love watching the little man learn new things and develop at he grows. One of his favourite things is role play and I try and encourage it as much as possible. He doesn’t need me to play with him, so I get to discreetly listen to him chattering away, making up stories and putting on voices.

The little man is impressed with his new BABY born doll. She’s robust, not over complicated and I love that there are so many different accessories to add. She retails at £49.99 which I think is quite good for a doll that does so many different things.

We were sent the doll and accessories in return for an honest review.



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  1. 8th March 2018 / 11:36 am

    I love that Baby Borns are still so popular, I always wanted them as a little girl myself. I think that it not being battery operated is a good thing. As you said, it gives your little man a chance to roleplay and rely on his own imagination even more.

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